Parent Questionnaire – October 2017


Dear parents and carers,

Many thanks to everyone who returned our annual parent questionnaire. We always read your comments with great interest and welcome your suggestions as to how we can continue to develop our provision in school.

I have pulled together all the information below; do let me know if there is anything else you would like us to think about and do keep in touch.


135 questionnaires were sent out; 38 were returned

Does your child enjoy coming to school?  100% of you said yes

Do you feel welcome in school?  100% of you said yes

Do you have enough information about our school?  100% of you said yes

Do you feel involved?  100% of you said yes


Here are some of your comments


Stay, play and learn

  • I really enjoyed seeing my son in his own environment and also a great chance to meet his friends and other parents
  • As a working mum I have not been able to attend but I feel confident that I can make contact with staff if I need to discuss anything
  • They are a brilliant insight into my child’s school day
  • I really value the stay and play sessions. It’s so much easier to understand my son’s work / what he is learning if I can see it, get to know his class and teachers and experience just the same as him
  • They are very useful and I will be there again at this year’s stay and play
  • It’s good for our son to see us in his school life as well as home life
  • The staff gave me tips and information on how to help my daughter’s learning at home

Parents evenings and annual reviews

  • I’m not sure you can improve on this!
  • The school very kindly showed great flexibility with appointments
  • Meetings with teacher always very detailed and very satisfying
  • I contributed to my child’s learning plan at parents evening
  • I find the link book very useful for any questions I may have. I know I can speak to class teachers before or after the school day if needed

Suggestions for outside parent workshops

  • Using appropriate language with children
  • Behaviour
  • Sleep
  • Sensory processing
  • Managing self harm
  • Diets / eating habits

Some things for us to think about

  • More notice if donations or dress up is needed for a certain day
  • Maybe more parent days so we can organise play dates etc
  • Stay and play sessions can feel a bit chaotic for the children. May be better with small groups of parents at different times or days
  • Could we have more parents evenings?

And finally; other comments from you

  • I access the school website which is great
  • I would love to see my son walking to Asda – I still can’t believe it!
  • If I need to know something that is new to me I have only to ask
  • My daughter loves coming to school – this is the most happy I have ever seen her
  • I am always inspired when I visit
  • I am very proud that my son is a pupil at Princes
  • My child really enjoys coming to school and we love the relaxed, supportive home – school relationship that we have
  • I feel involved in very much everything
  • I am very happy with the way the staff support my child in her education and development. She loves going to school and her social skills have really improved
  • My son runs to the bus daily and I get the feeling from both him and staff that they really care and nurture him
  • Princes is a great school and I am happy that my son is there
  • We think the school and staff are fantastic and couldn’t ask for a better education for our son

And a huge thankyou from us for all your support and encouragement!

Best wishes, Kathy


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