Welcome to our Aqua class page!

We are off to a fantastic start this term and the enthusiasm of the children has been infectious. Each morning we come in to our own personal box filled with our favourite toys to encourage our turn taking skills, develop our imagination and enhance our play skills with both our peers and teachers. We have been working on recognising the other children around us and their names and are slowly incorporating small group work around our favourite topics such as music, sensory story and P.E.

Our topic this term is Woodland so we have started with the Gruffalo story, exploring this weekly through different props, toys, activities and weekly trips to local woodland areas trying to spot characters from our story and their habitats.

We have been lucky enough to have weekly fencing sessions this term with Little Musketeers and have amazed our instructor with the progress we have been making developing our co-ordination and body awareness. We have also been using these and our swimming sessions to develop our self help skills and independent as we attempt to change ourselves and put our own shoes on etc.

Our class is following a Semi-formal curriculum which is tailored to our own interests and strengths and is working on developing our relationships with others, our independence and our communication skills through some structured and some play based activities. This has already proven to be an effective approach as each child is begging to play with others and use the names or pictures of the children around them.

We cant wait for the build up to Christmas and too see what exciting activities we will have planned next!