Personal Information

Please ensure that we have the most up to date information regarding emergency contacts and medical details for your child. A personal information form can be obtained from the school office. If there have been any changes to your circumstances please complete this form and return it to school.

Hydrotherapy/swim sessions

These sessions are available to all pupils. However, we require a consent form signed by both parent and doctor before your child can use the pool. Children in nappies MUST wear swim pants – these can be purchased from the school office. Your child’s class teacher will advise you when these sessions begin for your child.

Link Books

Your child will be provided with a link book for use for communication between you and his/her teacher. Please use this for any queries, concerns or useful information you need to pass on to the school and the teacher will do the same for home.

Telephone Calls

Please contact school by telephone to speak to your child’s teacher only in the case of an emergency or before 9.15am and after 3.15pm, as interruptions during teaching time cause disruption to the class. We will always contact you if we feel your child is unwell or we have any situation we feel you need to be notified of. We have a medical room and a nurse is available during school hours to give advice.