We aim to utilise numerous approaches to support our children at home, if a child can not attend school for any particular reason. We will provide personalised learning opportunities for our children using various approaches. These will be based around our children’s current targets and parents will be kept informed of these. These approaches and activities will be updated regularly. Our staff will also advise parents on useful links, as well as providing activities that are used in school that might aid their learning. We will do this using our parent communication system Class Dojo.

We will also provide physical resources from school to individual pupils homes where we feel necessary. For some of our children that may mean delivering their physio and mobility equipment to home.

For some of our classes we will also use our Class Dojo system and our Google services such as Classroom and Meet to provide learning resources and opportunities online. This would include uploading learning resources as well as providing regular chance for the children to communicate with staff and their class if appropriate.

Support and training for parents and carers will also be provided. Various members of staff will run training sessions around their specialist area of expertise. In some cases we will also offer virtual meetings with parents online.