• To support learners to develop communication strategies so that they have a voice.
  • To enable learners to live safe, healthy and happy lives, promoting physical development and movement range.
  • To enable learners to be valued and active members of their community, interacting and building positive relationships withothers.

Focus for Learning

  • Connecting and responding to key people and familiar activities – e.g. object permanence, Attention Autism, SCERTS, encountering / experiential, Intensive Interaction, building relationships.
  • Making sense of the environments and world around them – routine, objects of reference, transitions, classroom environment, educational visits, recognising their impact on the environment e.g. cause and effect.
  • Developing varied interests and motivators – flexibility of thought, experiential learning.
  • Readiness for learning – emotional regulation, sensory regulation, routines, relationships (adults and peers).

Curriculum Areas

  • Communication and Attention
  • PSED
  • Physical Development including swimming
  • Play
  • British Values and SMSC
  • RE
  • Experience based learning (covering Literacy, Maths, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World, MFL – KS2 only)

For more information, please see our Intent and Overview Documents in our Curriculum Overview page.