The MOVE Programme

Movement Opportunities Via Education

What is the MOVE Programme?

The MOVE programme at Princes Primary School is an activity-based programme to support our PMLD learners and children with physical disabilities. Every child on the programme is given the opportunity to gain independent mobility through learning the functional skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring. MOVE is part of the child’s everyday routine.

MOVE at Princes Primary School

Here at Princes Primary School, we want every child to thrive and reach their full potential. We understand that children learn and develop through being given opportunities to move and explore, MOVE is incorporated into the child’s day to provide as many opportunities as possible to learn new transferable skills. We want to encourage and motivate our children to engage in activities that are meaningful to them, as well as creating purposeful individualised goals that will make the biggest difference to the child and their family. Everyone at Princes follows the “can do” approach, encouraging our children to strive towards their goals and celebrate every achievement along the way.




Meet our Movers

November 2021 – WOW Jonah! Jonah was so proud as he took his first steps independently in soft play.

May 2023 – WOW Harry! Harry has taken his first steps. Look at him exploring the local park independently. May 2024 – WOW Nevaeh! Nevaeh experienced standing independently at a tuff tray to share water play with a friend.


May 2023 – WOW Freddy! Freddy experienced standing independently for around 30 seconds during a dance session. He was so proud of himself.

February 2023 – WOW Sam! Look at Sam taking his first steps independently during one of our MOVE circuits in the school hall.

January 2024 – WOW Sophie! Sophie has taken her first steps independently. Look at her walking to show everyone! She was so proud of herself.


Parent Feedback

‘When Jonah first started at Princes Primary School, he was unable to walk independently. He mainly relied on crawling everywhere, cruising around furniture or holding hands with an adult. We were frequently having to replace his trousers as he was wearing holes in the knees from all the crawling! After just 2.5 months of following the MOVE programme at school, Jonah took his first independent steps! We were all so proud of him and I’m sure that he felt very proud of himself too. Seeing his confidence grow and the sheer joy on his face as he was able to explore the world from an upright position was amazing!’

Jenna – Jonah’s Mum


‘To see this development in Sam has been a real milestone for us as a family and is allowing him to communicate with us in a much more confident way as he is able to access areas he previously couldn’t. I’m confident that without this programme, Sam would still be unable to walk unaided and would still be opting to shuffle. The programme has been completely life changing for Sam and us as a family.’

Rachel – Sam’s Mum


‘The MOVE Programme has enabled my child to progress to a level that until now we were told she would never achieve. It is amazing to watch her confidence and self-esteem continue to grow.’

Rachel – Sophie’s Mum