• To develop successful learners who enjoy and contribute to their own learning and make progress and achieve.
  • To develop confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • To develop responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

Focus for Learning

  • Investigating and interacting with the wider world around them.
  • EYFS Early Learning Goals linked into Key Stage 1 National Curriculum standards, pre Key Stage Standards – English and Maths
  • Knowledge and skills based learning including functional life skills. Life skills based curriculum – based on independent living skills framework.
  • Generalisation and mastery of skills consistently.
  • Behaviour for learning – emotional regulation, sensory regulation, routines, social relationships (adults and peers), confidence, resilience and determination (SCERTS).

Curriculum Areas

  • Language and Communication
  • PSHE
  • Physical Education including swimming
  • Mathematics (Pre Key Stage Standards) – functional skills
  • English (Pre Key Stage Standards) – functional skills
  • Knowledge based learning Key Stage 1 National Curriculum Standards – Science, History, Geography, Music, Art & Design, RE, Computing, Design and Technology, MFL
  • Play (Cooperative Play – successfully entering into play with another child: play has an organized structure, will communicate with others, will express ideas for activities, acknowledges actions and accomplishments, negotiates roles and sets up events, will respect other children’s properties, more willing to share and ask to share)
  • Problem Solving & Creative Thinking
  • Responsibility for own learning – self evaluations (IEPS and work), creating own IEPs
  • RE
  • British Values / SMSC

For more information, please see our Intent and Overview Documents in our Curriculum Overview page.